May 4 – Establishing washing and finance routines

Location: Saint Jean Cap-Ferrat, France

I took it easy yesterday. I seem to have picked up the flu or at least a very bad head cold so I took the opportunity to call both of my daughters for a chat and some sympathy. My youngest SMS’d me a funny little poem to make me feel better.

Dearest mama please get well. Drink a hot tea and read some Thellwell. Or maybe if you asked particularly nicely, Bill will massage your achy bones precisely! Get lots of sun but don’t get too tanned! Keep nice and quiet—don’t go out and about as planned!! Remember down under you have two daughters that love you, Stephy and Jesse are missing you and envy you too!

GET WELL I LOVE YOU XXXXX Continue reading “May 4 – Establishing washing and finance routines”

May 14 – Headliner

Location: Santo Stefano Marina del Aregai

By now we know that any shopping has to be done before all of the shops close at midday for their compulsory siesta, or after they open at two or even four o’clock, depending on the type of shop, or maybe the weather. I’m still trying to figure out which. I need new blades for the Stanley knife to cut the vinyl with. Continue reading “May 14 – Headliner”

MAY 16 – Murphy likes sailing

Journey: Santo Stefano Marina del Aregai – 66nm (14 hrs) – Santa Margarherita Ligure (Italy)

On a cruise it pays to prepare meals and a thermos before a trip, otherwise it can feel like you’re trying to cook inside a washing machine. Not only does the boat lurch and sway under your feet, but poltergeists take up residence in the cupboards and hurl stuff out at you every time you open a door. Continue reading “MAY 16 – Murphy likes sailing”