May 6 – Cabin fever or just naturally crazy?

Location: Saint Jean Cap-Ferrat – 26nm (6 hours) – Santo Stafano Marina del Aregai

Between the rain and my boat-watch duties, I have a bit of time to myself. Despite my worsening flu, there’s a downside to this.

For example, today I went through the untidy pile of DVDs and put them all away in the empty DVD-folders buried under the same mess.

“Would you like to watch a DVD this evening?” I ask Bill.

“Sure. What’s the choice?”

I start to flick through the pages of one of the DVD folders, peering at the names of each DVD and reading a few out.

It becomes apparent that I need an index, so after lunch I type up a list of all the movies into a spreadsheet, sort them alphabetically, then re-organise the actual DVDs according to the sorted list.

I’m proud of my efforts. The untidy pile of DVD’s that previously dominated an entire corner of the salon, has been replaced with three neat DVD folders.

Bookcase after being sorted
Bookcase after being sorted

During my afternoon telephone conversation with Brenda, I can’t wait to tell her.

I explain that the printed index now also contains the two main characters of each DVD, and a brief summary about the movie from the DVD jacket.


Finally, I hear her take a breath, “Oh.”

I take that as positive feedback. “I’ll store the empty jackets under the floor with all the other paraphernalia I’ve tidied up so far,” I add, and before I know it, we’re both going through the motions of a polite goodbye routine.

I think she’s happy… not scared, but just in case I take the opportunity to discuss it with my sister-in-law Diana, when she calls me later for a chat.

“Goodness Lauraine. She’s probably wracking her brain to see if she can remember what the first six signs of a serial killer are…! You’ve obviously got far too much spare time on your hands. I’d be panic struck if you’d said all that to me… if I hadn’t been married to your brother first!”

I laugh with her but it gets me thinking. I must get a hobby. I must stop putting off my promise to myself to properly study for my Yacht Masters Certificate so I can “officially” run women’s sailing classes when I get home.

Later that day, true to my promise, I study a bit of my Yachtmaster Navigation…again. I’ve actually passed my navigation certificate—yep, same one —three or four times in my lifetime now, yet because I never actually get to practice it, given there’s always a GPS (automated global positioning service) on board, I still have to study it again, to remember it all.

It seems so pointless to me. GPS’s are so small and so cheap and so powerful these days. Why not just buy two or three backups rather than learn all the logarithms and rigmarole required to use an old-fashioned sextant?

I can feel my mind wandering, so I mentally refocus and get back to learning the intricacies of taking sun shots and star shots using a sextant, just in case there’s maybe another world war and all the GPS satellites are knocked out of space!

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