May 14 – Headliner

Location: Santo Stefano Marina del Aregai

By now we know that any shopping has to be done before all of the shops close at midday for their compulsory siesta, or after they open at two or even four o’clock, depending on the type of shop, or maybe the weather. I’m still trying to figure out which. I need new blades for the Stanley knife to cut the vinyl with. Continue reading “May 14 – Headliner”

MAY 16 – Murphy likes sailing

Journey: Santo Stefano Marina del Aregai – 66nm (14 hrs) – Santa Margarherita Ligure (Italy)

On a cruise it pays to prepare meals and a thermos before a trip, otherwise it can feel like you’re trying to cook inside a washing machine. Not only does the boat lurch and sway under your feet, but poltergeists take up residence in the cupboards and hurl stuff out at you every time you open a door. Continue reading “MAY 16 – Murphy likes sailing”

MAY 18 – Everyone is “Dismissed!”

Location: Santa Margarherita Ligure (Italy)

Having risen early after a great night’s sleep Bill and I set about our separate morning routines super quietly so we don’t wake Franco and Brenda.  Bill wipes down all the stainless steel on deck and the coach-house windows. I make us breakfast, then set the table and make breakfast for Franco and Brenda. Continue reading “MAY 18 – Everyone is “Dismissed!””